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1 - Who was an author of the bandname - AVULSED?
It was me, although it was decided by the three former members of the band. we thought about many band names and after many votaitons, we decided to call the band REBORN, but after one hour our two, we said "nah, AVULSED sounds better..." so we decided to take this monicker, which is a lot more original, because nobody knows what does it mean and thus it's more difficult to copy by other band.

2 - Why are You playing music (not drawing or dancing?)
I don't know, I think that's something natural, me & the other band members wanted to play intruments or in my case singing, so that's what we did... don't ask me why... it's a dificult question because I don't really know... ha, ha!!

3 - Do You have musical education?
As far as I know, only the two guitar players had a professor in their beginnings, but only to learn the basic things, you know, somethings like 2-3 years, after that, they started playing in bands and then came to AVULSED, where they have been progressing as well as the other band members.

4 - What is the principle moments of your (and AVULSED) musical biography?
I think the change of our former guitarist by Juancar and the former drummer by Furni, marked the musical career of the band, because we progressed a lot with that!! Also the release of our 2nd album "Stabwound Orgasm", which is the very best work of the band as well and of course our two European tours ('96 & '97) and our American tour (2000). Now that we have signed to italian Avantgarde Music, I think this will also mark a very important moment in the history of the band.

5 - Your "swan song" is in past, or you are going to do something monumental in future?
"Swan song"?? No, we haven't done any "swan song"!! If you mean that our best work has one year and a half old already, well, it may be, but I can tell you that this album is still strong and selling very well!! Such good albums never get old, byt anyway, we're planning to do an even better work with our third album to be recorded in summer 2.001!!

6 - Do You have one determinate conception for the "Stabwound Orgasm"? Do you have some experiences in this direction? Maybe you involved in SM movement, or have a girl(friend) like it, or something else.
??? "SM" what does this mean?? Well, the reason why we decided to take this concept is just because I heard the words "Stabwound" in a movie and i liked it, so I thought we should use it for a title, but combined with another word, a quite opposite word, so "Orgasm" is a very attractive word that everybody understand, but when they try to find a connection with the word "Stabwound", they find some contradictions, and that's what we wanted to achieve. Then the album cover had to be in connection with the title, so it is.

7 - Who create your brilliant cover? Who is this girls? Or who "was" this girls maybe?
The artist is called Robert Sindermann from Denmark, he's a very good designer of computer artwork and since we couldn't afford to pay for real models & photographers, we decided to use him to create this cover. I explained him what I wanted and I think he got exactly what we wanted. He was showing me sketches and then in 2 weeks we had the complete cover concept done. The girls I suppose they're just porno-stars in action, ha, ha!!

8 - Tell me more about process of writing & recordind material for your album?
It was a very slow proccess, like we always do. Our former guitarist was writing a new song every week, he had a big facility to do songs, but they were very simple and without any quality. Now that our songs are much more complex and well structured, we take months and months before they're finished. however, the main part of the album was written during the first half of '99 and also in the 2nd half of '98.
The recording was done in June '99 at german Spacelab studios and we used 16 days for it. Then we sent the master to James Murphy in San Francisco to do the mastering and finally in september, the album saw the light!!

9 - What is the main goal of your music? You are just trying to say something personal or you would like to change the world and people?
No way!! Our music just want to express our aim to do the music we like, which is Death Metal!! Our lyrics are totally gore, macabre & horros oriented, so they don't have any special meaning or intention to give any message, that's for preachers!! If our music is brutal it has to have brutal lyrics as well!!

10 - What are you politics? What about religion - are you satanists, paganists or maybe good christians?
Although we live in a very christian country, it's not as extremely christian as USA or Australia, however, all the band members in AVULSED think that religion sucks, we don't wish to belong to any religion and same with politics. We just believe in ourselves and in our music, so if anyone ask us if we're christians, satanic or anything like that, we just say "We're Death Metal"!!!

11 - How You can describe the music from your last album, how You determine your style?
AVULSED's music has always been, since our inception in January '92, plain & pure Death Metal!! Nothing more, nothing less. We don't want to be considered "Brutal Death" or "Melodic Death". Our music has both melody & brutality, so it has everything you want on a Death Metal band. I don't like when people think brutality & melody can't be combined, because we do it and sounds fucking great, don't you agree??

12 - Tell me more about local extreme Metal scene, especially about local Death Metal scene? How big it is, what is your favourite local bands, how many people involved in it?
Spain has many good Death Metal bands, but also some bad ones, specially in their attitude. While most of the bands support each other, there are always a few ones that try to be more popular by insulting the rest and putting down the scene. Anyway, I think in general we have many good bands and although many of them have split now, actually we have killer acts like WORMED, DEATHLESS, HUMAN MINCER, CEREBRAL EFFUSION, REPUGNANCE, THE ART OF BUTCHERY, MACHETAZO, MIXOMATOSIS, NUMEN, ASGAROTH... Unfortunately, most of these bands don't take it too seriously and don't even know how to prmoote themselves.

13 - Do you have enough local Metal labels? Why did you start another one and how it is happened?
No, we don't have any professional Death Metal label in Spain apart of Repulse Rec. We have some small labels like Abstract Emotions, Iberian Moon and maybe others, but they're run buy one or maybe two guys who only do it on their free time, not on a 100% professional basis. well, we also have Qabalah Prod., but this is a sublabel of Repulse.

14 - Do you live from playing music/managing label or you are working additionally?/ Where are you working?
Yes, I live (more or less...) from the record company which is Repulse Records. It's not only a record label, but also a mailorder service and a record store. We're actually 4 people working here, although we used to be 5 and even if our salaries aren't good ones, we can make a decent live of this. As for earning money from the band, no, definitely not!! AVULSED only gets some money from gigs enough to pay the rehearsal-room expenses every month, and sometimes not even that!!

15 - What do you waiting from cooperation with Irond records (russia)?
Well, since we have never had a real distribution in the Soviet republics, I believe there is a strong following over there and also considering that people can't buy imported CD's at the same price as in the rest of Europe, licensing our stuff to a good Russian label seems to be the best option, because then we can count with a good promotion & distribution over there with fair prices. I'm sure our fans will increase because of the release of our latest album by Irond Rec.!!

16 - Tell me more about your live activity. Where are you found the most powerful audience ? Tell me about the most remembering gig? How big is your usual audience at concertо?
AVULSED is basically a live band, I mean, this is the way where we express our music the best way. Although we don't have many possibilities of doing many tours because of our jobs, we play quite often in our country and sometimes we have the chance to go outside. We have done two full european tours, one in '96 with SINISTER and other in '97 with INCANTATION. We also played to gigs in Venezuela in '99 and did a 12-dates tour in California, mexico & central America in May '00. We got our biggest audience on central America, that's for sure!! While in Spain we have a media of 200-300 people at our shows and in Europe around 100-200, we had like 300-500 in central America, and not only that, they were extremely active in the gigs!! We had many good gigs during our career, too many to mention... we have played more than 125 gigs so far.

17 - Do you have some contacts in Russia? Friends? Relatives?
Not many to be honest, although I know some 'zines and bands, I'm not in touch with them too often.

18 - Do you know any russian bands and how do you like them?
Actually the only ones I can remember are ROSSOMAHAAR and SCRAMBLED DEFUNTCS. The first ones are great, very good Black Metal, but the second ones, although they're good, I think they plagiate many songs from PYREXIA and that's something really detestable, because I can understand a band has influence from others, that's OK, but when they copy their songs and make people think they're their own songs.. they're stoling songs!! If you don't believe me, then listen carefully the PYREXIA album "Sermon Of Mockery" and then the SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS album, and you'll see they have copies a few songs!! I know S.D. will heta me now because I discovered their rip-off attitude, but it's not my fault if they are...

19 - Our company Irond Records signed deal with you and in February (I Hope!) in Russia will be released under license your album. What you want to wish your listeners/our readers in Russia?
I just hope this will be the beginning of a great collaboration, because this way russian fans will have easy access to the brutal music we release. Now they can listen to the killer albums of AVULSED, CENTINEX & DISGORGE (mex) and if everything goes great, then we can do the same with our upcoming releases like TOTTEN KORPS, SEVERANCE & DETERIOROT. For any extra information about AVULSED, please visit our website www.avulsed.com and also our label's page www.repulserecords.com
Thanx Yuri for the interview and who knows if AVULSED will ever play in Russia someday!!

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