ARCH ENEMY "Angel Faced Enemy - english version"
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1. Please tell me about your past - where were you born, your childhood, your family, surrounding in your youth years, etc.

I was born in Cologne, I spent my childhood in a small village close to Cologne… I have 3 younger siblings – actually my best friends! With 17 I joined my first dm-band. Metal was and is my biggest passion – I have never been into drugs and crimes, finished school (13th degree), made a 3 years trainee as advertising-manager, started studying economies and worked a lot to pay the rent for flat and rehearsal room… and I never stopped playing in a band! Metal forever!

2. How did you first find yourself enjoying heavy music, and what was that music?

One day I heard Pestilence and Hobbs Angel Of Death in a metal-radio show… I taped it, without knowing that this is death/thrash-metal. I discovered it some weeks later when I made my first heavy-metal-friends… I went into the shop and bought the new release of Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness, all Slayer-stuff, Carcass, Testament, Metallica, Possessed, Exodus, Asphyx…
everything I could get. I was totally thrilled!

3. What were your musical preferences, and how did they change through the years? (...into metal and apart from metal...)

In earlier days I was a 100% death/thrash-maniac, step by step I discovered “softer” metal: Candlemass, Kiss, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc. And this evolution isn’t finished yet…

4. Please tell me about the circumstances of your getting into the local metal scene as a musician - what was that band, what kind of stuff did they (you) play back then, etc. I joined Asmodina in 1991 – a local dm-band without vocalist. We signed a rip-off deal, so we had to split in 1998. Then I founded Mistress together with my guitarist. We played extreme death-metal, a mix out of Entombed,
Boltthrower, Morbid Angel. I played over 200 live-gigs with these bands, we released 5 demos and 2 CDs in total.

5. How did you end up with "growling" approach in your vocals? Who exactly inspired you to that?

I just did it. I used to play guitar, had a drum-computer and made the vocals. Then I heard this band Asmodina searched for a new shouter… I went into their rehearsal-room and blew all other guys away. I stopped playing guitar and concentrated on developing my vocals. That’s it.

6. Considering Asmodina and Mistress bands - what can you tell me about experience you were given during that period? What kind of music did they play, did you have any record deal at all, gigs, local success, etc.?

I experienced a lot of strong support and also extreme envy from other bands, fans, etc. I guess, with a female in a band you provoke more extreme reactions. The most weird and fucked up experience was the music-biz… so many rip-offs and assholes there! I lost a lot of money and band-members because of tricky contracts. I learned a lot from my past mistakes! We played live as often
as possible. I hated spending my life in rehearsal-rooms, so we took every possibility to get out! Hard work, expensive but fun!

7. You mentioned that you got in touch with Arch Enemy guys as a journalist...
What mag did you work for? Did you meet any famous persons (besides Mike)? Who was the nicest person to chat with? (I'm still talking about your journalists carrier, he-he!) Why did you finish to work as a journalist? Do you have a regular job now? (Huh! What a HUGE question, isn't it?)

I worked for an e-zine (Moshpit.de) for a year. I met several musicians (Lee Dorian / Cathedral, Trey /Morbid Angel, Rockbitch, God Dethroned, Entombed) The best interview was with Babe / Rockbitch – she was naked and enjoyed talking with a woman. I still see these hateful eyes of all the guys from the other mags waiting for me to finish…. We talked for 2 hours, haha! I never visited one of these parties, she invited me to. Too dangerous ;-)

I used to work as media manager online in an advertising-company. I gave it up because I want to concentrate on Arch Enemy. I live in Sweden at the moment.

8. So, you were infamous singer from Germany getting a phone call from Sweden, and heard that they (AE) want you to join them… what was your first emotion? Was that like a lifetime dream comes true?

Yeah, I jumped around in my flat, called my mum, my best friend – and was chicken shit to rehearse with them. It was exciting but also a lot of pressure and work! I couldn’t sleep normally ‘til we rehearsed. The lifetime dream came true, when we started working in the studio! Then I finally realised what was happening!

9. As far as I got it, you joined AE when all music and stuff for "Wages Of Sin" was written. However, did you contribute in music or lyrics anyhow?

No, the stuff wasn’t completely fixed when I joined. I wrote some lyrics for Wages Of Sin and was involved in the process of arranging. So I did pretty much for the short time I am a member of AE.

10. What was it like working with AE? Did they accept you as a person instantly, or does it took a while to get well along with the male collective?

Totally easy! I am used to work with guys – all my previous band-members were male. And there is no real difference between a male and a female musician. And the AE-guys are not prejudiced at all – they have chosen me being their new vocalist – not vice versa.

11. Are YOU satisfied with a final result of recording session? Are you aware about future live activities of AE (as far as your stage
presence and performance)?
Yes, the album turned out really good! Great songs, my strongest vocal performance ever (Mike really tortured me in the studio) and a perfect sound – thanx to Andy Sneap! We are all perfectionists in a way and don’t accept mediocre results.

We rehearse and prepare for live-shows – I am not afraid. We will present you a smooth line-up, a cool set and a powerful show!

12. What are your favourite bands and musicians (male and female singers, guitarists, drummers, bassmen etc.)

Bands: Carcass, Judas Priest, Kiss, Arch Enemy, Slayer, Candlemass, Morbid Angel, (old) Entombed, Eucharist, Solitude Aeturnus.

My favourite guitarists are Michael and Chris, the craziest one is the Great Kat. The best drummer for that kind of metal AE plays is Daniel! I also admire Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan, Pete Sandoval. Bassplayers: Sharlee, Steve DiGorgio, The Bitch (Rockbitch). Vocalists: Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass), Rob Halford, David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel).

13. Last words: Hail to Russia and thanx for your undying support of Arch Enemy! You are the best! METAL FOREVER!
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